Frequently Asked Questions


We offer two kinds of service. The first one is boosting - You pay us for improving your elo and mmr in ranked games. You can choose solo boosting or duoq boosting. Second service is Coaching - You pay for playing with high skilled player. He helps you improve as a player. We have a lot of players which are at least in diamond league who guarantee the quality and speed required for your order.
We are a real company registered in Europe, it means that we are making a legal business here, paying taxes aswell. We are also owners of CS:GO boosting website  Over 7500 players have trusted us so far. We got a lot positive feedbacks at forums and facebook. You can also check our 1500 contact at lol/cs skype. Since 2013 we have built a lot of trust and never disappointed any of our clients. We have invested great efforts and resources in our project to make it the best on the elo boosting market. We offer high quality service in affordable for everyone decent prices.
YES, we provide you with the best security in the business. We’ve handled extremely valuable accounts all the way up to Diamond I with all skins unlocked. Our boosters use VPN (Virtual Private Network) Technology to hide IP and protect accounts even more. Even so we recommend to do not use your account during the boost and 12h before/after the boosting.
Customer satisfaction is very important for us. If you are not satisfied, filling out a contact form with the details will allow you to swap boosters.
Check our contact section to see if we are looking for any employers. When we do, you can send your application at our email. We will answer everyone in 48h.


There are a lot of different ways to pay for our service. We prefer Paypal, but we are able to accept (Paysafecards, Skrill, bank transfer, iDeal, AliPay and more). We can also consider accepting western union, STEAM MONEY (+30%) or any other.
After making a payment you will be redirected back to our form, where you should give us login and password to your account. Now you can just log out from the account and wait for our boosters to do their job.


At the moment we are only boosting on Europe West (EUW) and Nordic & East (EUNE) servers.
We aren't in a position to say how long exactly your account will be worked on. It depends on a few things that we have no control over, such as the size of your order, the current amount of orders and the availability of our players. Our usual completion rate for orders lower than Diamond 4 is at least one division per day.
If your MMR is low, please do not purchase boosts by division, use the second option of boosting - win per game. We categorize low MMR as gaining below 16 LP for a win. In case of purchasing division boost with low mmr we will automatically recalculate money you paid for equal single game boost.
Price for DuoQ is higher then for standard boost, because you will play on your own account and the booster play on other account in similar division. Once you have placed your order and have provided us with details, we’ll get back in contact with you within 3h. If we don't, feel free to contact our support. DuoQ is not coaching so boosters usually don’t use any voice communicators.
We can play your first 10 games in new season. The price is based on where you were ended during the previous season. You are buying at least 7 NET WINS with minimum count of games IS EQUAL TO 10 (possible results are 10-0, 9-1, 10-2, 10-3, 11-4 etc). We will play until we reach 7 wins you paid for.
Master League is monitored manually by Riots and there is high risk of being banned. Therefore, for the sake of safety of our customers accounts, we decided to not provide boosts to Master League
Yes, he can do that if it would seem unnessesery to him in order to provide best performance during elo boosting.
Booster won’t do that without your permission.
You can add your account to friend list with your smurf (2nd account) and spectate us any time. At you can check your current division.
Yes. It’s very important in 2022 season so you won’t get banned by riot. To avoid multiple IP address we select only 1 booster for 1 order.
You can select a position for your booser. This is extra option at costs +10%. You can also choose summoner spell position (Flash F/D) which our pro players will use during League of Legends boosting process.
We recommend to do not use your account during the boost and 12h before/after the boosting to avoid multiple ip addresses.


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