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Diamond II




Coach Informations

Hi, I am Arek and I play in the league of legends from the second season, practically every time I managed to drive the highest division that is challenger and end the season in high ranks. I currently have an account in the diamond / master. I played competitive for a very long time, professionally or semi-professionally played in top Polish teams - I won a lot of online and offline lans. I also played in foreign teams from Turkey and Spain.

What can I learn you:

- Line settings
- Improve the mechanics of your characters
- Lanephase how to play the character
- How to play and win games
- How to react to toxic players


If you have any questions, I will try to answer and help you if you have problems with fast so-called "tilting up". I usually play as a mid laner and top laner but I am able to help everyone in a given position. The price for an hour is PLN 25 I think that it is a reasonable and fair price I will try to help as much as I can. Thanks to my advice, you will climb the ranks very quickly. Also, we can run on any communicator and talk with help.


Here are screenshots from times when I had a challenger :)