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Hey, my name is Mikołaj and currently playing as master on west server. I'm playing league since the beginning of season 5 and support role immediatly stole my heart. I achieved experience by playing amateurish and semiprofessional, what helped me understanding the game from both sides. Thanks to hundreds hours of coaching i achieved wisdom that i want to share with everyone. Doesn't matter if you're just playing solo Q and want to clib, or if you're looking forward to play semipro and maybe one day on pro scene, i can help you with anything. When did i decide that i want to help others by coaching? After two of my friends, playing support, asked me for help. I shared my wisdom with them, gave them tips and they got from G4 to D4 and from S3 to P4. How will our coaching look like and what will we focus on:
► Matchups (what u should pick in champion select and how to adapt to the matchup)
► Vision, rotating on map, playing with team, objective control, giving calls
► Wave managment (yes, supports can do that)
► Builds (there isn't support that has one single scheme of items/runs for themselves)
► Mechanics
► Positioning on lane and in teamfights
► When to engage
► Anything you want.. im here for you and i really want you to make progress. :)
During our first meeting i will give you neccessary and usefull documents which u will can save forever. I'll want you to tell something about urself, about your experiences. We will do very detailed review of your we'll check ur builds, how u lvl skills and which characters will help u most with climbing. We'll talk about matchups, current meta, i will teach u to play champions, that will fit ur elo the most and guarant u successful climbing. After theory, we will review your vods. We can also watch some of my games if u want! I want to answer all ur questions, as i said earlier, im here for you, we have one goal. :)