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Coach Informations

Hi there, my name is Manu and I'm from Romania. I've been playing League of Legends since mid season 3 but I've only seriously gotten into it during season 4.

You may think I'm rather new compared to other coaches, and that's true, I am ; but knowledge isn't only directly related to the time spent ingame but also to one's capacity of asimilating it. I strongly believe that anyone can learn things faster given a good teacher and I like to think of myself as that person.

I've been diamond for 3 seasons on multiple accounts by playing Top, Mid and Support and I'm positive I can help you improve your knowledge on those roles and the game in general. During our coaching sessions we can work on any aspect of the game, whether you feel like you're slacking at it or if we both decide that it is something you improve at.

Coaching is catered for anyone willing to improve it's game knowledge, whether it's bronze or diamond, everyone's welcome !
Remember, inside every bronze player lies an unpolished diamond and you too can reach that height!