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Coach Informations

Hello! I'm Jacky, I've been gaming from a very young age and I've competed at a very high level in multiple MOBAs such as LoL, HotS and Smite. Due to my long League experience (been playing since season 1) I can coach all roles, on all servers, able to coach individuals, duos and teams. Why should you choose me? Apart from extensive experience and knowledge I have a very flexible schedule. I've coached more than 300 people, earning successes in a short amount of time. Played competitive in my own country, had experience of how to feel in e-sport scene. My goal is to have a carrier in Esport as a coach and I strive for highest reputation and ratings, therefore you are guaranteed to get the best of me as your coach! Even after the session we will stay in contact in order to track your progress. Also currently I'm working on e-sport coaching certificate in Poland by KFSE organisation.

Things we will cover:

• review

• Theory craft (runes, champ pool)

• Lane phase and positioning

• Macro in every stage of the game

• Closing out the games, split pushing

• Objective control

• Mindset

In order to do these things, you will have to either provide VOD or play a live game while sharing your screen via Discord/Skype! Reminder: Keep in mind that I constantly adapt the lessons towards you. Mostly there are few ways of coaching, "duel 1v1 skill champ information-training laning phase", "basic knowledge of how to earn more wins than losses", "how to properly play and see your own mistackes", "mindset of playing league properly". Generally I'll aim towards fixing your issues and problems, that you have either ask me. I will adapt class to your needs and recent improvements. Obviously, some people are slower and some are faster in process of learning, so I will try to make it as easy as possible to you and in the same time fun and enjoyable.

PS. I strongly suggest buying one lesson to see if we ''click''.