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Hey, I'm Michał. I have played league since season 1. In the beggining of my journey I have hit rock bottom (1000elo - which is like bronze5 nowadays), but I was consistently improving my gameplay and after 2 seasons I was top 50 Challenger on EAST and Master 300lp on WEST.

I used to play SOLOQ most of the time, but i was a part of very well known project in polish community which was called "Team Kinguin Academy" and right now I am participating in nationwide polish academic league.
Due to less free time than few years ago, i'm don't play as much SOLOQ as i used to do, however my game knowledge is on pretty high level (I follow competetive scene), I know how to climb the ladder and, what's the most important factor, I know how to imrpove on leauge of legends.

I am mid main, however I am able to coach ADC or support. Before the coaching sesion I will create an individual plan, based on which I will teach you. Of course if u will be willing to change or focus more on something, I'm down to it!

The main aspects in which i can help you are:
- SOLOQ mindset, what to do before the game what matters in game.
- Matchups
- Wave control
- Warding, reading the map, predicting enemy's position in the map

Of course I will try to answer your questions so fell free to ask me anything :D
I am also able to:
- Spectate your game and right after it I would tell you what you did wrong and what (and how!) you should improve in your gameplay to become a better player
- If you are able to share the screen of the game, I can coach u live
- 1vs1 to teach u matchups

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