Top lane - basic informations about solo lane


Top lane - basic informations about solo lane

Top lane - basic informations about solo lane


Today I have prepared some tips for these of You who would like to start playing on top lane or want to improve their skills. Mainly here are basic informations but it alyways good to refresh Your knowledge which will increase Your chance of winning Your lane.

First of all - pick a champion that is strong in current meta. Imo Irelia and Kassadin are really strong nowadays. Find Your own 2-3 favorites champions and master them. Don't try to play everything at start, it's better to have perfect skilled 2 champions then playing poorly with 10.

Second - play confident & safe. Don't let Your opponent recognize that You started playing top lane. Poke and harass him but don't get into fight. Never chase with 1-3 lvl - remember - at lower levels creeps deal huge damage for champions. Fight only when Your jungler is near. I recommend for every new top laner to focus on last hits, take as many creeps as possible and wait for the jungler. It will be success for You when You end laning phase with 0/0/0 and more cs than Your opponent.

If You survived early game on top with positive score it's time to push the tower and then choose one of two possible paths... You can keep pushing top - split push or You can join Your team and look for some objectives or 5v5 fights. You have to analyze situation at every minute of the match. Stay at top when Your team is doing well as 4, and  You are feeling enough to kill anyone 1v1. When the enemies are grouped at mid and Your team is having troubles You should leave Your lane and help them!

top lane main

After few games at top You will easy set Your preferences. For one group of people constat pushing top is boring - for me too. That's why I love to play kassadin top lane. My target in every game is farming to 6 level without dying. Basically early game is hard for kassadin so it's best way to focus on survive. After 6 lvl hits, it's time to start roaming. It's good idea to play with teleport so You can take kills/assists/objectives and then  back on Your lane. Around 10 minute of the game You should be focusing on the dragon. Try to gang mid or bot and then call Your teammates for drake - in current meta drakes are making huge advange for their punishers.

But if You feel better with picks like tryndamere, jax and like to farm a lot, and then focusing on split push; You have to stay chilled because many of league players can't understand idea of split pushing and it's common for them to flame 0/5 trynda for ussles... who have taken 3 towers... Taking objectives is alyways more important than taking kills - remember that. Spilit push is also easy idea for fast win, many players are getting angry while they see good split pusher (like trynda) coming to their inhibitor. People at lower division usually don't know what to do against split pusher so it makes them running around the map without any specific plans. Remeber that every player has his own playstyle and the most important thing is to disover Your own favorite way to play. To do it - practice over and over... and trust me... You will incrase Your % of win ratio.

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