Team compiosition – basic info


Team compiosition – basic info

Team compiosition – basic info


As we all know, League of Legends is a team game, and the key to win is taking down enemy’s objectives. Read this article to learn what team composition is and how to make a good team. Remember that perfect team doesn’t exist. All team compositions have weaknesses and strengths. It is your job to make sure your comp can focus on the strengths and avoid the weaknesses. When playing solo/duo queue it’s recommended to focus on your own lane and counter pick your lane enemy because it’s usually really hard to set any team comp with random people; sadly…

Team comps are usually used, when we are available to communicate with the teammates. When playing with friends always try to pick champions that synergy with each other. We all know standard meta – ranged adc, support, jungler, solo top and mid, but the key is to pick appropriate champion fitting to other champions.  There are many types of team comps, for example defending AD Carry, Poke, AoE, teams focused on eliminating certain target, split push, surr at 20 comp, lategame etc. I’ll shortly describe all of them.

“Poke Team” is based on characters like Nidalee, Jayce or Ezreal, Mundo. Their point is to hit enemies before fight to make them retreat and force them to give their towers. Also that kind of picks have high mobility, so when the enemy initiates the team will be able to disengage.

“Defending ADC carry” most common is called “immortal vayne” – picks like Lulu, Nunu, Kayle, Janna, Vayne – capable to defend adc from every threat. That composition work very good until adc make mistake.

“AoE” – “Wombocombo” – team comp was know for a long time, since amumu was released. Very common and effective at low divisions. All you need is picks with large area-of-effect ultimate abilities like amumu, malphite, miss fortune, nunu.

Splitpush/Back door – main purpose of that tactic is take objective and avoid fights. Very common is 1:3:1 splitpush. Requires good communication in team and strong picks like shen, jax, tryndamere. 

Some tips that can be used even at solo queue.

Champions that cooperate nicely are, for example, Twisted Fate, Shen and Nocturne. All because their global ultimates. After level 6 it’s really easy to kill bottom lane enemies and take tower or dragon there. It’s enough to use ulti with our ally and head to bottom lane. It works even better, when our ADC or Support is able to initiate a fight. Other combo, which was used lately, is Jarvan/Riven and Orianna. It comes to get to center of fight by Jarvan or Riven, and ulting with Orianna. Jarvan can lock enemies up, and Riven is able to stun them, and usually kill cause of her huge AoE damage. Malphite also works well with Orianna, Yasuo. 

In most cases, the key to win is think about your team composition and execute the plan. So keep testing different picks and find your dream composition.

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