What is the most important thing in Your live? Of course it's respecting other people... But also it's inseparable part of sport. Maybe You have watched LoL's World Championships, LCS or any other competitions, where after every match people are shaking their hands with, their opponents to show theirselfs respect. Even in really brutal sports, like MMA. Two people ready to kill each other are usually friends after fight...
I want to ask You how often do You notice acts of respect in LoL? I mean "gl&hf at the beginning and "gg" at the end of game? I see those really rarely, I have forgot about times of season 1 or 2, when not only the winners were "cool" for opponents but 80% of LoL players were starting match with "Good Luck & Have Fun". Same went with "Good Game" or opposite of it "Bad Game"... Everybody knew that 3v5 couldn't end with "gg" on chat. 
I think You have noticed - for sure - that it's much easier to write gg after won match, and sometimes it's hard to say, that enemies were just way better. You could have thought, that LoL is one of these games where it happens. In Counter Strike: Global Offensive, before almost every tournament match You can hear or at least read, that "gl hf", but it's changing here too... 
Please try to make Your friends from game at least a bit more happy with this little sentence at the beginning of match. Spend these two seconds... and I can ensure You... that will create better atmosphere in most cases. :)

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