Kiting – the strongest mechanics in LoL


Kiting – the strongest mechanics in LoL

Kiting – the strongest mechanics in LoL


I hope you read our last article about orb walking, beacuse to learn kiting you have to understand orb walking first.

Kiting refers to attacking an opponent with ranged attack while keeping safe distance. It’s called the strongest mechanics, because it allows to take absolutely zero damage when still outputting almost full dps onto a target.
To do it we need to use orb walking and keep on moving away from the opponent. It is most helpful trick on AD Carry. Every CC like slow, stun, nock up help to kite. The best kiters are Vayne and Ashe. But we can kite on every champion who has range spells or range auto attacks. The command "move attack" is very helpful here, usually bound to button "a". Use it often because you don’t want to go to your opponent, instead of attacking him. There is a short movie showing how to perform orb walking and kiting, and second movie where you can see how Doublelift - a professional player does it:

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