Elo boosting - why is it worth the $


Elo boosting - why is it worth the $

Elo boosting - why is it worth the $


Again... lost game, series or promo? Are You overcame by stress and getting more angry game by game? Are You searching for solutions? Suddenly You have found boosting24 - site which meets all your requirements! Take Your time, read description... If You decide - buy an order right now! After short time You will receive Your account with division that You want... Let the dreams become true and finally enjoy playing with better players. It sounds easy, isn't it? :)

I want to explain everything that You need to know before choosing us. 

When are You able to hire our professional players to boost Your account?
1. You need 30lvl account with basic champions (at least 16)
2. AD and AP runes (2 pages are fine)
3. ... That's all :)

We are able to boost every division so it doesn't matter how deep or high You are now... We are also boosting "fresh" accounts, or unranked - at the new season. At the beginning of every season You have to play 10 placement games (sometimes called unranked, provisional). These are 10 first ranked matches which were be deciding about Your division, what makes them the most important games in whole season. Win/lose ratio of them and Your last season division determine where You start at the next season.  That's why it's wonderful idea to end them with best score  - our most skilled players can do it for You. *(mostly 10/0)*  

We are able to let You forgot and take You higher than bronze, silver, gold or even platinum. If You think, that You are good enough for that... Or if You are dreaming about it :) What happens if You get boosted and then You are not doing well in new division? It's a nice idea to buy coaching right now. Coach - person who will explain You the most important aspects of LoL, what to do in every situation, every minute! He also answers Your every question. It doesn't matter which role You play, choose by Yourself or we will choose the best coach for You and for Your main role... With boosting24 you can become professional player!

Why we do this?

With our whole experience, knowledge and skill it's easy to play at every division, we are able to win even 97% of games. Many of us are doing it just for their enjoyment, cause we can play League of Legends and additionally earn some money. We love what we do and we are happy to share it with others. Maybe someday You will become one of us? Gaming is our passion, also a job for talented players. Remember - to be the best, learn from the best!

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